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A sky view of Kemp Lake.


The Kemp Lake Logo: a blue heron standing amongst reeds.

What We Offer

A man in a wheelchair is stopped in a field, holding out his hunting rifle.


Participants hunt deer, turkey, quail, rabbit, and other upland birds with the aid of an expert hunter. As a managed game preserve, Kemp Lake has had many successful hunts.

  • 2 accessible and heated blind

  • Motorized wheelchair

A photo of two docks in the middle of the lake as a couple men fish. There is a shaded canopy over the dock they sit on.


Our "breakaway docks" offer a unique, accessible and easy to way to fish or explore the lake on our water safaris– a favorite with kids and adults alike.  Simple in design & function the docks are carpeted, railed, can be combined and can utilize an optional shade canopy.  A fishing guide handles the details and helps to make fishing about as easy as can be!


  • Accessible sidewalk and dock system

  • Flat fishing dock with floor rails

  • One-handed electric fishing reels

  • Optional shaded tent cover

  • Motorized wheelchair

Two people ride a golf cart across the trails of Kemp Lake. They are deep in the forest, surrounded by lush greenery.


Walk or ride through the over 6 miles in trails and roads that wind through and around the preserve.  Look for flowers. mushrooms, birds, animals or  their tracks– or just enjoy the cool breeze sweeping through the trees.

  • Golf carts

  • Motorized wheelchair

People sit on the various picnic tables inside the pavilion overlooking the lake.


Relax with your group and experience the lake from our brand new pavilion! Maybe a shore lunch is in order!  Maybe just watch the waves, other participants, wildlife or whatever else might catch your eye.  There's nothing more restoring than nature. 

  • Covered, accessible pavilion with 6 picnic tables

  • 2 accessible bathrooms

  • Accessible water fountain

And every event comes with a guide– whether hunting, fishing, birdwatching, or more. They will instruct and aid with your trip, making sure to show you all the best secret spots.

Participants can be any age and any experience level. Visiting is completely FREE!

Kemp Lake Flyer
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