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A sky view of Kemp Lake.


The Kemp Lake Logo: a blue heron standing amongst reeds.

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Your donation will allow us to continue our mission of making the outdoors accessible.
No amount is too small.

Where do donations go?

Unless the donors direct funds specifically, 100% of all donations go to events and support for those events.  Many events involve food for participants and their caregivers.  It might be a BBQ, box lunch or at a restaurant.  Also, the events typically involve some expendables like lures, minnows, line, ammo, birds or similar.

There are other event-related expenses.  For example, specialized electric fishing reels are used for fishing participants who do not have the use of both hands. In addition, donations go toward building & maintenance of the fishing platforms, docks and the grounds around the docks.  For hunting, donations can go toward our efforts in food plots, fertilization and habitat improvement to facilitate the numbers and size of our deer and turkey.

Below are a few other items we are looking to add to help us serve our visitors better. Don't let the price tags intimidate you- every dollar goes a long way. No donation is too small and all are tax-deductible!

A group of volunteers stand on the docks as they prepare boats.
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Need to discuss details?

If you're making a large donation or just want to iron out any questions you have, email us at !

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