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A sky view of Kemp Lake.

Who We Serve

The Kemp Lake Logo: a blue heron standing amongst reeds.

Who We Serve

Kemp Lake has the primary goal of empowering and educating disadvantaged people to experience the outdoors in ways they normally couldn’t otherwise. This can apply to a multitude of people! The groups we have served before include, but certainly aren't limited to:

  • Disabled Veterans

  • Wounded Police/Firefighters/EMTs

    • And their families​

  • Stroke Survivors

  • Amputees
  • Burn Victims
  • Blind/visually impaired people
  • People with down-syndrome
  • ALS patients
  • Life-threatening Illness patients

               and others!

A group of people sitting in chairs and wheelchairs fish on the docks in the middle of the lake.

Participants can be any age and any experience level and there is no cost to them! Contact us to learn more.

How We Serve

Kemp Lake Game Preserve is a unique environment that has been thoughtfully planned and built to allow disabled and handicapped individuals a complete outdoor experience. We host events for individuals, groups, and non-profits. Our events can include:

  • Guided fishing (bass, bluegill & crappie)

  • Guided hunting (deer, turkey, quail & pheasant)

  • Guided bird-watching excursions

  • Guided exploration in electric vehicles

A man in a wheelchair and a life vest holds up a fish he's just caught with a smile. He and his group are mid-fishing trip on the lake.

These events empower our visitors to fully enjoy nature.

A disabled veteran might deer hunt like he did before his injury.  A home-bound, limited-mobility elderly person might take a guided excursion through the woods, or a wheelchair-bound teenager might discover a love in birding with the guide of an experienced birder.  A stroke survivor might fish again for the first time in decades, or an intellectually-challenged child might cast their line for the first time in their life. Nature can be the most spectacular thing to experience, and we want to share it. We've already seen the way a visit can transform the lives of our previous guests.

How much does it cost?

Nothing! A trip to Kemp Lake for disabled person or group along with helpers they require is completely free! With the support from our donors, we are able to make these wonderful experiences completely free for our visitors. 

How can I come?

Visit our Contact page  to inquire about holding an event at Kemp Lake, or visit our Amenities page to discover more about what we offer.

Featured Events

A group of a dozen men in hunting and fishing gear posing in front of the lake. They stand behind a Kemp Lake sign and hold a sign that says: "The Fallen Outdoors, Team Missouri."


The Fallen Outdoors Group has had numerous hunting and fishing events at Kemp Lake. Derek McCulloch, a senior guide at Kemp Lake, organizes these events. Besides organizing these events, he also cooks!

At this particular event, around 35 doves were harvested by the participants who hit the migration just right. 4 days either way and the number would have been a lot less! Derek, Mark Lang and young Freddie Kemp managed the hunt. 

As for fishing, the vets dominated the water, thanks to famed Lake of the Ozarks top guide, Jack Uxa, and young Freddie Kemp. Jack had killer crappie spider rigs coupled with unbelievable Garmin electronics - the fish didn’t have a chance!

MDC brought out two track chairs for the vets and bagged a few birds, too. Meanwhile, “Turkey Tom” Parmeter gave birdwatching tours around the property. 


"The weather was perfect, the food was great...thank you to Kemp Lake for hosting some of our stroke survivors again this year. Fred and Mary Kemp have created a beautiful, peaceful place where people who thought they may never hunt or fish again can go and do just that. It was great...beautiful trails, a lake where there is a remote-controlled dock that takes you right out there...accessible!!!!" 


- Kathleen Howard, President, ABC Brigade

About a dozen people pose for a group photo in front of the lake. They are holding up a circular sign that says: "By God's Grace. Kemp Lake Game Preserve. Empowering those who need it most."


We've hosted a Cast For Kids event three years in a row! Dozens of volunteers come out, and each of the children gets to go out on the water with family and a personal guide. After a few hours on the water, everyone comes back in for lunch and a celebration of the children's accomplishment that day. Each kid is called up one at a time and presented with an award as they talk about their fun experience of the day.

We hope to see many years of Cast for Kids events to come!


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